This is Why You Can’t Have Nice Things

A new level of fail.

A new level of fail.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Wayne County’s cost overruns in construction of a new jail have been so excessive that they’ve halted construction while they try and scheme their way out of the mess they made. What amazes me is not that Wayne County simply lost grip on their budget, but that they had budgeted $200 million for 2,200 person prison in the first place. Then, they cannot even manage to come reasonably close to that number. I actually hope this is just an exhibition of corruption and not their actual best efforts, because if they were this incompetent in reality, they should be shot.

At what point do people just admit that they can’t be counted on to govern themselves? While, I am sure the FBI is watching this unfold and dutifully recording, what is in all likelihood, corruption on a grand scale. What are the citizens of the county doing today? The same thing they have always done. Nothing.

I would urge the citizens of Wayne County to grab their pitchforks and storm the county building. At this point, it would seem like the only reasonable course of action.

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