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EBT System is Down, Forever...

EBT System is Down, Forever…

One of the pet peeves of those of us who live in Grosse Pointe is having to wait more than 15-seconds to find a parking spot that isn’t more than 30-feet away from our destination. To some this may seem unreasonable, but we’re very busy people. No only do we have our own complex lives to live, but we have to clean up others’ mistakes. So, is it too much to ask to have good parking set aside for us?

Nowhere is the parking question more prevalent than at Kroger in The Village. Many of these spots are taken up by people from outside our community, most of whom mysteriously have handicapped parking permits, despite a lack of any evident disability.

Since the 57% of us who pay taxes have places to be, so that the other 43% of you can live a life of leisure provided by our production, I have come up with a plan. We in Grosse Pointe should pass a tax on all Electronic Benefit Transfer sales! I think something like a 50% tax rate on EBT sales or perhaps an override on property taxes for establishments who accept EBT cards. I don’t know, I am not a lawyer.  

What I do know is that not only this will take some of the strain off of our tax-paying residents, but it will free up much need parking in The Village. With the extra time we save not looking for a parking spot and not waiting behind someone leisurely pushing a cart down the middle of an aisle all while pretending they’re not in the way, we can go out and earn more money to pay for the EBT. It’s really a win-win. I never thought a new tax could be the answer to one of my problems. Who knew?

So, go ahead and contact the City of Grosse Pointe Council and let them know that you want to help the less fortunate.