New Dance in the Hood: Stop and Frisk



The brave men and women of the Detroit Police have announced a new dynamic in the way they will be policing their charges yesterday. Taking a page from the New York Police Department’s playbook, the DPD will now actively “stop” and “frisk” suspected ne’er-do-wells.  This bold new direction clearly marks a change in policy away from the reactive and to the proactive.

GP For Life would like to commend Chief Craig and his audacious decision to empower his officers to actively pursue a safer Detroit. However, I am not going to stop there, I am calling for the Grosse Pointe Police Chiefs to follow suit.

There was a time in Grosse Pointe when the police ran the streets and their authority was unquestionable. Over the years they have had their fangs filed down to nubs, thanks to liberal do-gooders and a general sense of political correctness.

I say “no more”! We need to follow Chief Craig’s fine example and empower our police force to return to the street in force. We need to send a clear message that we will not put up with our bubble being pierced by marauding hordes of barbarians. If we can’t hold them at the border, then we’ve lost the war. The enemy must not establish a beachhead. We will hold the line.

Seriously though, stop and frisk? I remember the police hassling my friends and I all the time and I can promise you they weren’t profiling the kids with polo shirts on. Today, you never hear about this. Today, the cops are afraid of getting sued. The Chiefs don’t want to rock the boat, but that’s precisely what we need. An aggressive presence to let the interlopers know we mean busy.

Go ahead and let the police know, we want them out on those streets protecting us!


Grosse Pointe Shores:   313-881-5500

Grosse Pointe Woods:   313-343-2400

Grosse Pointe Farms:     313-885-2100

Grosse Pointe City:         313-886-3200

Grosse Pointe Park:        313-822-4416