I Am GP For Life

My name is GP For Life and while many of my enlightened brethren have fled Southeast Michigan and our solitary island of wealth and privilege, I stayed behind to prepare for them a seat in our glorious kingdom. Today, the future has never been brighter and I am here to stand as a beacon to our wayward progeny beckoning them home, to come join our legions vast and to conquer what is rightfully ours. This primitive website will be the trumpet that echos across the lands to summon them home.

In addition to acting as a guide to generations of scions, I will expound on and help shape the community dialogue involving a variety of subjects. Some will include current events on a local level and important and oft-overlooked sports like yachting and flip cup. We will also discuss larger issues like economics and demographic shifts. I may also, from time-to-time, tell of stories from my all too prolonged adolescence.

With that, I urge you to charge with me once more into the breach and take the future that our noble forefathers envisioned for us. I am GP For Life, follow me if you dare.