GP For Life Offers Solutions to Vexing Issues


As the economy slowly rebounds off of the bottom of the ocean, we must look to the bright future in store for Grosse Pointe. However, this does not mean that we should leave our flanks exposed to the wolves that howl in the night. An important part of the defense of our noble way of life has always been the “cabbage patch”.

In better times, the standard course of progression for our progeny was to equip them with a superior education and once they returned from college (if they left) they would take up residence in the patch. Then they would secure gainful employment and look for suitable mates at the various social functions or at lively night spots (more on that in another post) of the area and thus start the cycle over in perpetuity.

With the massive downsizing of the automobile industry, our offspring had to flee the once bountiful harvest of SE Michigan and leave our eastern flank dangerously exposed. The vacuum left by our young adults was filled with those who might not share our great vision and steadfast ideals. For too long have we left this breach wide open. We must now seal it with vigor and resolve.

This is why, I submit to you the “GP For Life Three Point Plan for Patch Reclamation” and would urge the Grosse Pointe Park City Counsel to adopt the following measures:

  1. All rental properties must have a signed lease, or sub-lease, on file at the city offices within 30 days of move in. A signer of the lease must present the lease to the city offices in person. This will give them an opportunity to apply for a park pass as well!
  2. The above leases will be notarized and will expressly state who and how many individuals will be living on the premises. We in GP “live in homes” and we don’t “stay at places”.
  3. Failure to comply will result in the immediate termination of occupancy certificates and start the condemnation and forfeiture process of the property. Appeals and temporary waivers will be issued at council meetings and at the discretion of the city council.

We can’t just sit back and expect better things, we must actively pursue them. Certainly some will see these measure as extreme, cumbersome and, possibly unconstitutional, but we need to send a clear message to the miscreant infiltrators.

If you feel like I have the antidote to this plague, please feel free to email the Grosse Pointe Park City Council and direct them to this plan. We have not only the power, but the duty to protect what it took generations to build.

  • TrueDat

    GP for Life…have you ever thought about running for city council? Or as an advisor? Your hard stance- no nonsense- approach would be very refreshing.