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Grosse Pointers Come Together – Not Apart

Aaron Foley, noted local author and editor, first reported that three women felt they were racially-discriminated against at a local eatery in Grosse Pointe Farms on Saturday February 18, 2017.  While I initially suspected that this was a simple miscommunication, I remained relatively quiet on the issue. Forgoing my usual barrages of demanding proof and evidence of the accusations levied against one of our small-business owners. As picketers mobbed the small business hurling accusations of racism, the lawyer of the proprietor quietly held a press conference at another local small business, where he showed evidence contradicting the claims of three Grosse Pointe women. In the light of this evidence, I feel I have to come forward and submit my view of the subject.

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As an important member of the Grosse Pointe community, people oftentimes seek out my council on matters pertaining to the paragon of communities in which we live. One such concerned citizen brought a plan to dissolve Grosse Pointe into a cauldron of peasantry to my attention. My immediate reaction to this heresy was to wish that the author be felled by pancreatic cancer and to curse a pox upon his family and all their descendants till the end of time. After a little further consideration and contemplation, I have downgraded my level of vitriol to post-Inquisition levels of disdain. However, make no mistake, what the author suggests is pure heretical balderdash.

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