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A Hero Falls

If I don’t see this when I get to heaven, I am turning around.

For those are you who don’t know who Jerome Adams is, he was a bartender at a local yacht club and best known for inventing the Hummer. While he was best known for this, it was probably the most unremarkable thing about the man. What made him a great man and a great Detroiter was his character. He had a smile that could warm the coldest nights, melt the most icy hearts and, lift the most beleaguered spirits. He was a man whose grit and determination appeared effortless, even to people who knew it couldn’t be. He was humble beyond comprehension, but could never be humbled by another. His wisdom laid with its simplicity and clarity. He radiated humanity and love.

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Grosse Pointers Come Together – Not Apart

Aaron Foley, noted local author and editor, first reported that three women felt they were racially-discriminated against at a local eatery in Grosse Pointe Farms on Saturday February 18, 2017.  While I initially suspected that this was a simple miscommunication, I remained relatively quiet on the issue. Forgoing my usual barrages of demanding proof and evidence of the accusations levied against one of our small-business owners. As picketers mobbed the small business hurling accusations of racism, the lawyer of the proprietor quietly held a press conference at another local small business, where he showed evidence contradicting the claims of three Grosse Pointe women. In the light of this evidence, I feel I have to come forward and submit my view of the subject.

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New Dance in the Hood: Stop and Frisk



The brave men and women of the Detroit Police have announced a new dynamic in the way they will be policing their charges yesterday. Taking a page from the New York Police Department’s playbook, the DPD will now actively “stop” and “frisk” suspected ne’er-do-wells.  This bold new direction clearly marks a change in policy away from the reactive and to the proactive.

GP For Life would like to commend Chief Craig and his audacious decision to empower his officers to actively pursue a safer Detroit. However, I am not going to stop there, I am calling for the Grosse Pointe Police Chiefs to follow suit.

There was a time in Grosse Pointe when the police ran the streets and their authority was unquestionable. Over the years they have had their fangs filed down to nubs, thanks to liberal do-gooders and a general sense of political correctness.

I say “no more”! We need to follow Chief Craig’s fine example and empower our police force to return to the street in force. We need to send a clear message that we will not put up with our bubble being pierced by marauding hordes of barbarians. If we can’t hold them at the border, then we’ve lost the war. The enemy must not establish a beachhead. We will hold the line.

Seriously though, stop and frisk? I remember the police hassling my friends and I all the time and I can promise you they weren’t profiling the kids with polo shirts on. Today, you never hear about this. Today, the cops are afraid of getting sued. The Chiefs don’t want to rock the boat, but that’s precisely what we need. An aggressive presence to let the interlopers know we mean busy.

Go ahead and let the police know, we want them out on those streets protecting us!


Grosse Pointe Shores:   313-881-5500

Grosse Pointe Woods:   313-343-2400

Grosse Pointe Farms:     313-885-2100

Grosse Pointe City:         313-886-3200

Grosse Pointe Park:        313-822-4416

The Detroit Mayoral Debate: Halloween Comes Early This Year!

Matt Foley For Detroit Mayor

Matt Foley For Detroit Mayor

After watching the Detroit mayoral debate on Tuesday my heart is filled with joy knowing that each and every person can rise to astonishing heights despite severe personal handicaps. I didn’t count how many people were running, but I can tell you that each and every one of them has overcome some serious limitations to get where they are today. As for the debate itself, well, that is what you would expect from the fine City of Detroit. Highlights include, race-baiting, blatant lies, excessive pandering, and my personal favorite, socialist rhetoric. Nothing says “comeback” quite like regurgitating debunked political theories.

However, there was one ray of hope in this otherwise cloudy and dismal display, Sigmunt John Szczepkowski. Mr. Szczepkowski works as a motivational speaker for today’s youth, from as far as I can tell anyway. His state of the art campaign headquarters is located at the foot of Alter road, in a van down by the river, from where he coordinates his all out assault on the Manoogian Mansion. Normally, I don’t vote for or endorse any candidate whose last name ends in a vowel, but in this case I have to give my endorsement to Mr. Szczepkowski. Even if it is just for his striking resemblance to Matt Foley. Unfortunately, he’s about as erudite as a meth-addicted hobo.

This is Why You Can’t Have Nice Things

A new level of fail.

A new level of fail.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Wayne County’s cost overruns in construction of a new jail have been so excessive that they’ve halted construction while they try and scheme their way out of the mess they made. What amazes me is not that Wayne County simply lost grip on their budget, but that they had budgeted $200 million for 2,200 person prison in the first place. Then, they cannot even manage to come reasonably close to that number. I actually hope this is just an exhibition of corruption and not their actual best efforts, because if they were this incompetent in reality, they should be shot.

At what point do people just admit that they can’t be counted on to govern themselves? While, I am sure the FBI is watching this unfold and dutifully recording, what is in all likelihood, corruption on a grand scale. What are the citizens of the county doing today? The same thing they have always done. Nothing.

I would urge the citizens of Wayne County to grab their pitchforks and storm the county building. At this point, it would seem like the only reasonable course of action.