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Grosse Pointers Come Together – Not Apart

Aaron Foley, noted local author and editor, first reported that three women felt they were racially-discriminated against at a local eatery in Grosse Pointe Farms on Saturday February 18, 2017.  While I initially suspected that this was a simple miscommunication, I remained relatively quiet on the issue. Forgoing my usual barrages of demanding proof and evidence of the accusations levied against one of our small-business owners. As picketers mobbed the small business hurling accusations of racism, the lawyer of the proprietor quietly held a press conference at another local small business, where he showed evidence contradicting the claims of three Grosse Pointe women. In the light of this evidence, I feel I have to come forward and submit my view of the subject.

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Celebrating Victory

Guess who isn't invited to the New World!

Guess who isn’t invited to the New World!

It’s that time of year again, when our wayward progeny return to the nest to break bread with our families while nursing raucous hangovers from the evening before. Yes, it’s Thanksgiving. What reason could possibly be good enough to combine two of my favorite pastimes, binge drinking and binge eating? Our victory over the savage, that’s what.

Sure, the first Thanksgiving was celebrated alongside the more native members of our country in 1621 and celebrated the bountiful harvest. As time went on, we had other things to give thanks for. In 1777 the President of the Continental Congress set aside a day in December to thank God for the crushing defeat we levied to the British. That said, the modern Thanksgiving holiday as we know it was established in 1941 when President Franklin Roosevelt signed into law a bill designed to celebrate his family’s swindling of Manhattan from the native peoples for 60 guilders.

Today we celebrate our nation’s accomplishments by heading out to the bars to reconnect with friends who were driven out of Metro Detroit by affirmative action hiring practices and drink till we blackout. We’ll wake up tomorrow and groggily chug mimosa after mimosa while watching the Thanksgiving parade on television while looking for the trashcan we hit on the way home. It will be another glorious and beautiful day in Grosse Pointe, and while that is reason enough to be thankful, we should remember that we weren’t given this land – we had to take it.

Get Your Damned-Dirty-Hands Off My Excellence!


Local journalist and muckraker-extraordinaire, Nancy Nall Derringer, posted on Grosse Pointe Today a story of seven brave moms who have to face the gut-wrenching decision to either send their children to Grosse Pointe North High School or move. Typical to her liberal-blame-whitey-form she accuses these heartbroken moms of racism and elitism, but recently released empirical evidence would seem to validate their concerns.

Having matriculated at Brownell Middle School, I know the pain these students are facing. The last waning days of eighth grade were filled with excitement and trepidation tinged only by the pain of knowing that some of my classmates weren’t deemed worthy enough to take their seat alongside me at Grosse Pointe South. I don’t know whatever happened to those friends, but I think most of them became nail “technicians” and prostitutes.

Some would call my claims that South is academically and abjectly superior to North to be an exaggeration, and frankly I thought it was too, but recently the State of Michigan released a top-to-bottom ranking of individual schools that calls into serious doubt the standing of North. These results are troubling, to say the least, and it is high time for remedial action.

Unfortunately, we know why this action needs to be taken and there is no polite way to put it. Transfer students and those students of lesser-means out of Harper Woods are dragging our schools’ ranking straight into the gutter. This isn’t about race or elitism. This is about the future of our community. We need to cut off this gangrenous limb to ensure the exceptional nature of our community and stop the advance of mediocrity on our borders.

In addition to purging from the rolls those who seek to suckle at the teat of our excellence, we must institute a strict policy of placement testing our transfer students. We shouldn’t lower our standards one iota, for to do so would only be an acceptance of other schools’ failures. If a student reads at a second-grade level the student would be placed in second grade. If you don’t like our commitment to excellence than perhaps you would be more comfortable with people closer to your level.

I am GP For Life and I will not see my children’s future washed away in a tide of political correctness. The time for action is now.


Happy 237th Birthday America


General James Mattis expounds on the finer points of American diplomacy. If I were you, I would listen to him. You don’t get the name “Mad Dog” for making idle threats.

Battle of Baltimore237 years ago, a fledgling upstart nation decided to put it all on the line for freedom. The founders of this country decided the best way to do that was to write a lengthy memo to the world’s superpower of the day, essentially telling them where they could go stick it and why, and then hope for the best.  Shockingly, the superpower of the day didn’t appreciate the memo and promptly sent an army to learn this rogue nation some respect, but that little nation of 13 colonies beat back the larger, and largely superior, force and lives in freedom to this day.

169 years after they brazenly declared their independence from the tyranny of high taxes and unreasonable regulations, the then forty-eight states of The United States of America emerged from a ghastly World War as the greatest superpower the world has ever seen. They accomplished something that took centuries for the Roman Empire, Ottoman Empire, British Empire, and others, in a mere 169 years. Today, that nation reigns not only as a bastion of freedom, but as the undisputed badass of the globe.

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