Blue Devils: Step it Up


Blue Devils have a long and noble history of pranks. Most recently, they phoned-in this weak-sauce effort pictured above. Sure the days of disassembling a VW Beetle and then reassembling it on the roof are over. I mean, if you lack the manpower to move a compact automobile to the roof of Grosse Pointe South, you can always list the school for sale at an unbelievably low price with the office’s phone number. This might fly at Grosse Pointe North, but we Blue Devils expect more out of ourselves.

I am hoping this was just like a hors d’oeuvre to a magnum opus as seniors sign-off at the end of their high school career. So, I’ll be watching and waiting for this generation of Blue Devils to impress me. Let’s hope I am not disappointed. Though, I rather be a disappointed Blue Devil than, well, anything else.