Monthly Archives: September 2013

It Pees In the Cup Or It Gets a Job Again

The only thing that GP For Life hates more than needless government regulation is needless government handouts. That’s why, and I think I speak for all of Grosse Pointe on this, I applaud state lawmakers efforts to drive the droves of mindless peons off the government dole by requiring drug tests and community service for freebies like unemployment and public assistance. Hopefully, this will include SNAP benefits so I will no longer see signs at liquor stores proudly proclaiming their acceptance of my electronic tax dollars.

While this is a good start, we in Grosse Pointe don’t think it goes far enough because these wards of the state can deepen their unfortunate and entirely preventable circumstances by having more children. That’s why I think that government assistance should come with the caveat that you’re temporarily sterilized while you’re accepting public tax money. This might not be medically possible to do on a temporary basis, and that’s fine, because we can do it on a permanent basis until technology catches up with society’s needs.

Many of you might think this is “barbaric” or “blatantly unconstitutional”, but I assure you it is not. In fact, this is the only (and final) solution to the poor question. America for too long has subsidized the disease of poverty that has slowly chipped away at the two great pillars of American exceptionalism, freedom and capitalism. We must drive this filthy disease, and its derivatives sloth and ignorance, from our great land by any means.

I am GP For Life, I encourage you not to feed the bears. The only thing you’ll get is more bears.